If you are traveling international this is the first building you will see when you clear customs. Walk straight ahead and to the right down the hallway to get to the patio and some refreshments. If you have scheduled a "meet and greet" your driver will meet you just across the roadway. There are no signs for the taxi. When you get to the patio, about 30 feet down the corridor, you look straight ahead and you will see the taxi's on the stand.

  A word of caution, you will be approached by shuttle people saying they are taxi's, but they are not  taxi's. The time they take to go to your destination hotel will still be the same as the shuttle. I think it may be getting worse because all I observed at the airport today (9/16/00) was coaches and no vans.

   The area straight ahead is where the overflow lines wait to get into the air conditioned offices of the rental car agencies. There is no place to sit down there. You either  stand up or sit down on the concrete. And guess what, only one person in the family is allowed in the air conditioned offices. Do you think it is hot and crowded when more than one flight is down and everyone is in that hallway looking for relief.