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     The Orlando-Sanford Airport is a medium sized, friendly, airport located approximately 30 miles northeast of the Orlando International Airport near the town of Sanford, Florida.   It is a rapidly growing airport and serves the needs of international and domestic passengers arriving on tours, chartered, or smaller airlines.

     If you are traveling to Orlando Sanford International Airport and landed in this website there is a site created for that airport which contains more information. You can go directly to it by clicking on this link or typing in your browser the following:              Taxi-SFB.com.     Read the following as this page is not duplicated in the Sanford site.

    Transportation from the airport to your hotel is in the form of rental cars, bus/shuttle and taxi's. Each form of transportation has its own advantages. 

   Your travel agent may have many answers to your transportation problems, but please ask him or her if they have ever used the ground transportation services at the  Orlando-Sanford Airport. Many of you might be thinking of purchasing the ground services offered by the travel agent before you arrive into the airport, but before you do, please read what is probably the first and only information you will receive about ground transportation at this airport.

   A taxi or town car service provides transportation for your group to your resort. You leave the airport the minute you walk out of the terminal, stow your baggage and load into the vehicle. It is the most efficient transportation out of the airport. You don't have other families in the vehicle and that alone provides a lot of privacy and security. A shuttle lets you ride with a number of other families and has a waiting time with it. The per-person rate could end up being much more than a taxi rate.

   Here are a number of tips, for our visitors, that might help you to reconsider your transportation alternatives to and from your destination hotel. 

TIP #1: Disney World by taxi, bus, town car or van is approximately one hour going the toll expressway 417 directly to your hotel. The mileage to the resort is about 60 miles. Imagine riding a shuttle bus for close to two hours after waiting a good hour to three hours to get on the shuttle. The time on the bus or van includes dropping off at several different hotels on the way. It is no picnic and after a 10 to 12 hour plane ride the first day of your vacation becomes a nightmare. The ease at acquiring a taxi or scheduling a taxi ahead of time certainly makes sense and the extra money you may or may not spend will make the first and last days of your trip much more pleasant.

       Be sure to check the hyperlinks as you read along. They will give you graphic images and leads on how to speed up your trip to your destination hotel. 

   Bus/shuttle transportation has many disadvantages and these disadvantages are present in the Sanford airport.

   First of all you buy your ticket on a per person basis. The price is $21.00 per person one way. So as your family or group gets larger you will pay more money for the shuttle tickets. Usually shuttle prices equal taxi prices when the third person or fourth person is added to your group. As you add people your shuttle rate becomes extremely high compared to a taxi rate. Taxi's either run on a meter or a driver will quote a rate based on mileage to your destination. Taxi vans that carry up to nine (9) persons can be contacted from this web page. 

    Second, you should consider how much time you will have to wait to pick up a shuttle bus to your destination. It has been my observation that on any day you fly into the Sanford Airport  you might sit out in the passenger reception patio one or two hours before you are assigned a shuttle bus.  The shuttle people seem to want to fill up their ten passenger vans and forty passenger coaches before the vehicles are allowed to head to their destination. I have also observed that the shuttle people wait until the complete flight has made it through customs and they have registered all their passengers and have them waiting in the passenger reception area before the vehicles start moving out of the airport.               

   The passenger reception patio is  under partial cover. There is no air conditioning for you to wait in. Guess how hot it gets between 1200 and 1800 in Florida. Better yet use your imagination.

   As you walk out to find a taxi, close to the passenger reception area, you may be approached by a company claiming they are a taxi service. Don't be fooled  You will be quoted a shuttle rate and than sat down to wait like the rest of the passengers. It is faster than the regular shuttle system, because of the smaller vans, less passengers to load, but you ride with other families to your destination. Rarely if ever will you be able to ride alone with your family.

 To sum it up bus/ shuttle companies, even though they have your best interests at heart,  because of their structure they cannot expediently get you to your destination. Please note their price structure is such that the larger your group the more you will pay for the transportation. 

   The taxi "meet and greet" is completely different. After you clear customs (for an international passenger) and pick up your baggage you walk outside to the,  passenger welcome area. Approaching this area you should notice a driver holding up a sign with your name on it. You go up and introduce yourself and your family to the driver. He will immediately help you carry your luggage to his taxi and load it. The car is loaded and you are on your way to your hotel in an air conditioned vehicle. The trip will take approximately one hour to most of the Orlando or Disney resorts.  There is no waiting involved.

    If you want to guarantee your rate to International Drive or the Disney World complex it might be advisable for you to seriously consider a taxi "meet and greet." This can be accomplished by e-mailing or calling any of the drivers listed on this site.

   If you are one or two persons the taxi prices will be approximately $10.00 to $20.00 more than the shuttle prices, but again you will probably arrive at your destination two or three hours before your fellow travelers who did not know the shuttle procedures. What is your time worth to you after a nine to twelve hour flight from overseas.

   Third, you should consider the time it takes to return to Sanford. If you are riding a shuttle you better schedule a return pick up approximately five to six hours before your departure time. The reason for this is that you don't know how you are going to be picked up and how many other pick ups are scheduled for that particular vehicle.

   With a taxi, you just consider the approximately one hour it takes to get to the airport and how much time you need to check in. That is usually two to three hours total. Taxi's go straight from your hotel to the airport. 

   Finally, if you have not scheduled a "meet and greet", available taxi's sit on a small taxi stand which is usually obscured by the shuttle people picking up passengers. If you can look through this activity you will see the taxi's waiting. Make a move towards the taxi's and the starter will notice you and put you in touch with the next driver. That driver will negotiate a price and carry you to the resort. If you feel the driver is overpricing you, just turn to the starter and question the price.

 Approximate prices are carried on this site at the shuttle and taxi comparison page. If you do not like the condition of the cab it is your privilege to ask for another driver.

   A lot of the same problems exist if you rent a car in the Sanford Airport. Today, September 16, 2000, I walked over to observe the crowds that had built up since two planes landed.  You may be used to it if you are a traveler, but what I saw I could never get used to. This still exists in August, 2004.

   The car rental counters were overloaded with patrons so much so that lines were forming out in the non-air conditioned corridors that you can  see in the welcome reception center picture. There must have been 50 families standing around or sitting on the concrete floor waiting to get to the agencies to rent a car. I don't know what you are paying for these cars but maybe you would come out better in the long run if you just taxied to your hotel and rent a car there if you did need one.

For more information about the Orlando Sanford Airport click this link.

    A second thought is this. If you are staying at the Disney World resorts why do you have to rent a car. The rental car is an liability to your family. You wait for, sometimes hours, getting the car, the prices are now becoming ridiculous after they add on all the insurance and whatever they want and than you have to find your way to the resort. At Disney your transportation is provided free for you so take advantage of it. And finally think about this, have you ever tried to find your car in a parking lot full of other rental cars? It is frustrating to say the least. I will guarantee you the rental will sit at the resort all week while you enjoy the parks. If you use the rental to go to the parks it will cost you a $8.00 parking fee at all the theme parks. Transportation is provided everywhere on  that complex by a very efficient bus or monorail system. If you do want to travel outside of Disney a couple of times you will still be better off using the taxi or car service transportation.

   If you want to travel to Universal or Sea World, taxi's are available at the resort to serve you. It would cost you about $50.00 roundtrip to go to Universal from Disney. Disney to Sea World roundtrip would run you about $35.00. There are taxi's in the stands at both parks to get you back to your resort whenever you decide to go back. 

   The taxi's get you to the gate at Sea World and Universal. No walking or riding from the parking lot and no parking fees ($8.00). This is so nice at the end of the day because your tired crew walks to the taxi stand, climbs into a sedan or van and you arrive back to your Disney resort in less than 20 minutes.

   If you have any questions I, web administrator, can be contacted at any time through my e-mail or phone and will be happy to help you in any way possible.

    Follow this link to the Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB).


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