Welcome to the Drivers Web Site Application page.

Why should I have a web page ?
Having a personal/commercial web page and belonging to an organization that will continuously maintain your  web site is a significant competitive edge. Our web sites are submitted to all of the major search engines monthly thereby giving potential customers a better chance to see your page. Additional sections are added to the sites continuously thereby giving customers a desire to return and, in so doing, give your site more visibility. Being included within a  professionally designed commercially web site reflects your personally and your desire to better serve your customers. 

What do I do?
In order to become more efficient in getting  onto the net, We've developed the  Web Site Application page.  The Web Site Application will appear when you click the submit application area below.  When it appears it will ask you questions that are necessary for your web pages to be attractive and be remembered by the customer who is looking at your page. 

The most important information is that which is asked in red.  The items asked in black are optional but could have a bearing on how efficient your page is working for you.  Use your judgment as to what you need to submit for consideration.

When you write your personal greeting include information that will endear you to the person who is reading your story.  If you golf, put it down, if your interest is the Dolphins, let the people know, or if you're a great cook, your potential customer would like to hear that.  What you say is all a part of making it known that you, the taxi driver, are an honest, reliable human being who cares and not some gypsy who is out to take advantage of someone's vacation money.  You may just simply start out by answering one of the most common questions asked, "What  part of the country do you come from" .

I, as web administrator, have ghost written many of the stories on the web site so far and,  probably, will help a lot more.  Don't be afraid to ask for my help.

If you do need some help give me as much good information that you can so I can build around it.  Read the other pages, If you can get on the net, so you have an idea of what sounds good to you.   You might come up with a new angle that has not been presented on the driver's pages.  Remember, we all have had to do it.

Personal pictures are required for all drivers wanting onto the web site.  Give me the most convenient date you have to get a picture taken if I am the one to take the pictures.   For the most part, the pictures have been taken in the Orlando International Airport bullpen during the day.  I am not against going other places if it can be arranged.  I'll  shoot with slow film so we'll need a lot of sun to make the picture come out great on the Internet.  Because of the new system for the cabs, in the airport, it might take you and I anywhere from three days to a week to get the pictures taken.  Just be patient because everything will get done very smoothly. We will also accept a digital photo or a passport photo that you can get at any print shop like Kinko's.

Finally, if you are interested in having a web page don't hesitate much longer.  Recent developments have ensured that the annual fee for the net will be going up.  You can e-mail and ask me the current fee or call me.  So far it remains the same amount we charged when we got started, i.e. a small setup fee. 

I am looking forward to meeting you for the pictures.

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