Airport Transportation


Luxury 7 passenger SUV's & 10 Passenger Van

These vehicles, Chevrolet Suburbans, can be configured to carry 6 to 7 passengers and a huge amount of luggage or, 1 to 4 passengers with a massive amount of luggage which could include golf bags. The combination of two vehicles will transport any combination of families up to 14 passengers. Vehicles and drivers are permitted at all facilities and transportation points that are required to serve you efficiently.

   We also now have an eleven passenger Ford van for your comfort.

We put you in contact with the actual drivers and give you pictures of your driver and not of cars you will never ride in. Be aware of those sites that only picture beautiful cars and limos.

Drivers will be able to stop for groceries or brew if requested. No advance deposit is needed as the full amount of the ride will be collected when you are dropped off at the resort. Credit cards or cash please. Drivers are independent businessmen. Vehicles are permitted and insured under "Airport Transportation."

For those who are cruising and looking for a way to get alcohol aboard your cruise ship, ask one of the drivers if they could stop by and pick up your choice before you are picked up at the airport. Either that or ask the driver to stop by a store so you can get a supply. 

Click on the driver of your choice for his personal information!


         Edward Korgan     Chevrolet Suburban
         Eugene Tau     Chevrolet Suburban
         Newton Goncalez     Chevrolet Suburban
         Tony Hinds      Ford Van E-350  10 Passenger


Edward Korgan Gene Tau Newton Goncalez      Tony Hinds





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